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Lagerhanteringslösningar med SOLO


Digitize and automate your purchasing process. With our solutions for forecasts, inventory optimization, purchasing planning, order management, delivery monitoring and supplier development, you get a quality-assured purchasing process, less personal dependence and the confidence of gaining control of the stock. Follow up your KPI:s and analyze your stock situation with a Dashboard in Power BI.

prognos och statistik
Inventory Management
Purchasing Planning
business review
Business Review 


Demand forecasts

Inventory Control

Purchasing planning

Statistical forecasts, developed through academic research and automatically calculated for each SKU, for both short and long horizons, with visual control, let your purchasing planners take command and sit in the driver's seat.

Optimizing your order points and order quantities with respect to all possible variations and uncertainties gives you the exact stock level you want, and the lowest cost possible for your inventories.

SOLO Purchasing planning automatically creates order proposals based on inventory control and gives the planner unrivaled opportunities to further optimize purchase orders according to all the different conditions that apply to different assortments, suppliers, modes of transport, etc.

forecasting the future

Better forecast management for higher profitability

Anticipate customer demand, sale peaks and product flows, for ensuring the right product levels, resources and capacity are available. Then you maximize sales and customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.

Get automatic forecasts and feel confident with the outcome


Forecast calculation are visualized in order to understand how each forecast are calculated for maximum forecast accuracy so that the planner can use their expertise for the continuous improvement of forecasts.


Alarm about forecast deviations


For additional security and to save time, the system alerts for forecast deviations not meeting the expected result and allows the planners to focus on these instead of what goes as expected.


Focus on your big forecast challenges


Manage your big challenges with forecasts, including new products, price changes, promotions, seasonal variations and both the product tail and bestsellers. 

Involve suppliers in your forecasts online


Let your most important supplier partners take part of your purchasing forecasts online both in the near future and rolling 12 months.


Forecast demand, not sales


Sometimes it happens that goods run out and cause reduced sales, which can lead to lower forecasts. SOLO compensate for that and calculates forecast based on an accurate demand.


Simulate forecast calculation with different parameter settings


See how forecasts get affected with different settings to get just the right responsive predictions on the outcome of demand and based on different seasonal variations.


SOLO – Knowledge throw parameter setting

SOLO offers scientific Inventory Control developed in collaboration with our customers and Professor Sven Axsäter at the Department of Technical Economics and Logistics at Lund University. No system or method is better than its users. That is why we create processes with the help of "best practice". Crucial factors for success are knowledge of the relationships between the setting parameters and their impact on productivity, availability, level of service and capital tied up. A crucial part of our concept we call Business Review which is to ensure the user's knowledge of how to control the warehouse with the help of parameters and settings.

uträkning av framtida lagerstyrning och lageroptimering
optimerar lager från en ipad


lösningar som gör lagerstyrning lättare
boxar för lagerstyrning

Digitized Inventory Control put you in charge of the inventory

SOLO Inventory Control helps you take control of your product flows from supplier to end customer by automating, streamlining and simplifying inventory optimization and providing + 99% inventory availability with lower stock.

Automatic stock replenishment

ABC classification

Simulate stock development

Automate and optimize stock replenishment based on availability targets, forecasted demand and variation in demand, lead time and lead time variations, possible order sizes and price variations, order and inventory costs, risk of obsolescence, and the need to fill up cars or containers.

Get an efficient and well-functioning product planning with ABC classification of the product range. Classifying by sale volume, product value, frequency and gross margin provides a good basis for control according to service goals and becomes an important priority for which products should receive the most attention.

Gain knowledge of how inventory levels develop with different parameter settings regarding inventory levels, turnover rate, order frequencies, order points and order quantities. Simulate per supplier to get a good basis for price / delivery negotiations.


Digital purchasing planning integrated with your ERP system

Let the planner change focus to value-creating work

Automate stock replenishment with high accuracy

Automate the entire order process

Automate inventory replenishment so your planners can focus on deviations, KPI  analyzes and continuous improvement using KPI:s in Dashboard and see the root causes.

Place thousands of orders daily that give you exactly the inventory needed to achieve the desired stock availability based on forecasts with high accuracy. Get alerts and alarms when demand and supply of goods do not match. Gather purchasing needs for stock items, ordering supplies and additional campaign volumes in one process.

Illness and travel can cause problems in planning, let your basic product range with stable demand and low risk be bought automatically to ensure no important purchase orders are to be missed.

Order portal to Integrate and develop your suppliers

Flexible up- & downscaling of orders

Manage new products and introductions

Manage multiple suppliers per product and visualize the supplier's stock balance. Full control over the supplier's performance and how it affects your purchases. Let the supplier confirm your orders directly in SOLO Order Portal and let them see your purchasing forecast rolling for 12 months.

Optimize load carriers for good transport economy, compensate for the supplier's closing periods, or for your own holiday, or to qualify for discounts or to save liquidity.

Launch new products with a reliable forecast based on product group or category attributes. SOLO provides suggestions for initial quantity and keeps track of how new articles perform in relation to expectations.

Handle seasonal variations and preorder effectively

Let SOLO analyze which products fit into different seasonal profiles and combine with pre-season orders and automatic replenishment during the season.

Total inventory replenishment and frequency analysis

Plan and optimize purchase frequency on a supplier’s assortment to get the lowest possible total cost of inventory, order and transportation cost.

en dashboard med visuell lagerhantering

SOLO Dashboard - Visualize and go in depth

Make conclusions from your own data and gain control over purchases and inventory with SOLO Dashboard. Individualized dashboard for KPIs provides a quick overview, detailed reports with filtering and drill-down provide deeper insights. SOLO Dashboard is built on Microsoft's latest product Power BI - it secures your investment for the future. 

Analysis - create real business value

In order to be able to develop a business, it is crucial to have control over the numbers. With Dashboard, you draw conclusions based on the enormous amount of data that is in the system. All data is also easily exported to Excel for own analysis and simulation. The user-friendly and modern interface gives each user the opportunity to get a quick visual overview of the business.      


Key figures - KPI

You get a quick overview of the organization's KPI:s. Visualize with the help of tables, graphs and charts. Deepen the analysis through drilldown in the reports.



Create your own reports based on ready-made templates and key figures. The user-friendly and modern interface gives each user the opportunity to control how the follow-up is presented.    

Visualise your reports in several ways, either as tables or bar charts. 


Integrate your ERP system

With Dashboard you easily integrate data from the ERP system to get a total experience of KPI:s for customers, sales, purchasing, profitability, supplier performance, lead times, forecasting, capital tied up.

affärssystem som är enkel att använda

Business Review - our way of ensuring profitable investment

To ensure high business value of SOLO, Business Review is included in our solution. It’s your guarantee that you will utilize the entire system, all the features, and get the massive benefits that Inventory Control can provide.

We know from experience that no system is better than its users. We give you company adapted guidance and support at personal meetings based on what the key figures look like, what the knowledge situation is at the moment, what questions you have and what is important to you right now. Together, we analyze what needs to be done and we go through how parameters should be set to execute the purchasing strategy and achieve business goals.


If the need is basic training of new users, we do it. If you need new reports in Dashboard, we produce it. Or we follow up the key figures and adjust the parameter setting as needed.


We exist for you and your success. If you invest in our solution - we make sure you succeed!

Beprövat system
boka ett möte om lageroptimering med Nils
Nils VD/CEO på Promosoft

Questions are best answered in person

We would like to make it easy for you to switch to using SOLO for your inventory management and your purchases. We do this most easily by telling about SOLO's benefits in person. By booking a meeting with us, you are one step closer to a more controlled warehouse.

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