With inventory control
Without inventory control

Out of stock


High stock value


High costs of purchase


No investment



Increased sales



Reduced stock value



Reduced costs of purchase



Return of investment

If your core activity deals with large flows of goods, you need to apply scientific methods to your inventory control and replenishment. Our methods of inventory management increase your delivery ability while reducing tied-up capital.

Do you have problems with delivery ability? Excessive tied-up capital in inventory management?

Your sales may be fine, but your greatest problems relate to delivery. You maintain extensive stock, but still experience shortages of certain important items, especially best sellers, seasonal goods and campaign products. Meanwhile, your slow-movers crowd your warehouse space. Your service level needs improvement. It takes a long time to order goods, and you don’t really know what goods you should buy, and in what quantities. In fact, the quantities you purchase are “guesstimates” rather than careful calculations.

The replenishment of shop inventory takes a great deal of time, and shop personnel often complain about not getting the right goods in the right quantities and sizes, as well as about getting deliveries too early or too late.

Does this situation sound familiar?

We have solutions to deal with inventory management problems. Our methods of forecasting, optimizing inventory levels, and implementing purchases and replenishment of distribution centers and shops enable distribution companies to realize huge saving. The ROI period is often about three months.

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