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jobbar med lagerstyrning och lageroptimering

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by Promosoft

With our easy-to-use and groundbreaking purchasing and inventory management system, you get control over your purchases , feel the confidence of buying the right volumes while saving time, fully automated and cloud-based. The purchasing process is being digitized.

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Promosoft lagerstyrningssystem

Why we can help you with better purchasing planning and inventory control

Inventory control in combination with purchasing planning works as a powerful tool for increasing delivery capacity while reducing inventory.

Demand Forecasts

Inventory Control

Purchasing planning

With automatically calculated forecasts on demand and calculation of forecast error, we calculate exactly the right safety stock and lead time stock that you need to manage +99% stock availability .

Get control of your inventory levels. Have +99% stock availability on your important items and reduce the availability on less important ones. You get an exact inventory that corresponds to your service goal and you do not have to buy extra for safety reasons.

Based on forecasts and inventory control, automatic order proposals are created that the product planner can use as a starting point or let purchase orders be created and sent completely automatically. 

Advantages of SOLO

01. Save time on purchases

SOLO makes automatic proposals on what, how much and when it's time to make a purchase. This means that you save time and resources by letting SOLO keep track of your stock. Or start from the proposals when you plan future purchases.

02. Increase inventory availability and reduce inventory levels

In order for your sales people to be able to sell, you must have products in stock. SOLO ensures that you have stock availability so that your salespeople don’t experience unnecessary stockouts, which in turn leads to increased sales. At the same time, your total inventory will decrease because you avoid excess stock on many items.

03. Reduce individual dependency and have a uniform purchasing process 

Let your planners and buyers work in the same way with the same conditions. Get a uniform and quality assured purchase process that minimizes error and raises the lowest level.

Smart inköpsplanering i Promosoft SOLO
Full kontroll över lager och kapital med Promosoft SOLO

Full control over your warehouse with SOLO

Too high stock level tie up both the capital and the space and too low stock level creates problems with stock availability and drained sales. With SOLO, you can take control of your warehouse with an automated system that calculates exactly how much you should buy and how often so that you will always ensure stock availability with as little inventory as possible . Do not hire more people to keep track of your warehouse, book a meeting with us and we will explain how SOLO can help you get the job done.

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Cloud based

What is the basis for all computer systems if not a secure and stable server operation with good performance. Hassle-free. Upgrading to new versions is included completely free of charge. SOLO stores all your data in the cloud so that you can easily access it wherever you are.

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SOLO Dashboard is developed with Power BI and has KPIs for all key figures in inventory and purchasing management such as service level, turnover rate, capital tied up, current values ​​and development over time. Inventory analyzes for excess stock, obsolescence, supplier performance, lead times, forecast development and much more.  

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Integrated with your ERP

SOLO is integrated into your existing ERP, which makes it quick and easy for you to get started. We have out-of-the-box integrations with the most common business systems on the market such as NAV, AX, Dynamics, Jeeves, Visma Business, Visma Admin, Pyramid, M3, SAP, Winbas, Specter and more.

Optimera lager med Promosoft SOLO

What our customers say

Peter Olsson, Vice President, Tura

“Awesome supplier that I have worked with for many years. Their inventory control system has made it easier for me & the company. Helped me achieve the company's goals. Can definitely be recommended.”

Some of our customers

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