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Om oss på Promosoft


We develop systems for purchasing and inventory management for companies with large inventories where inventory and distribution are the focus.

Many of our customers felt that inventory control and demand and supply planning took too much time and that buying the right volume of products to reach a certain level of service was awkward and almost impossible. 

This resulted in different buyers buying in different ways based on their own personal assessments. The service strategy varied for different ranges, producing widely differing results for inventories, purchasing costs and sales in the form of varying stock availability. 


By using our system for forecasting and stock optimisation, our customers can ensure continuity of service strategy and sales, they avoid purchasing that depends on individual taste, and purchasing becomes easier and much faster. In addition, they gain control of purchasing, and feel confident that they are purchasing the right products at the right time. Thanks to system automation, purchasing is also scalable, so customers can increase sales tenfold without needing to devote more resources to purchasing.

Our Background & Our Vision

We are a consulting company in inventory management, purchasing and central replenishment of store chains


Our customers experienced that inventory control and product planning took a lot of time and that purchasing the right volume of goods to reach a certain level of service was both cumbersome and almost impossible. The effect was that different buyers bought in different ways with their personal assessments, which gave widely differing results on inventories, purchasing costs and sales in the form of varying customer service.

Vår bakgrund på Promosoft

Our Background

PromoSoft was started in 2001 when our founders, of which Nils Robertsson is the only one remaining, worked with inventory control within the retail and wholesale area, primarily in the hardware and construction trade industry. We then decided to develop a better and more modern system for inventory control and purchasing planning.

Together with Lund University and late inventory control legend Professor Sven Axsäter we developed SOLO based on the best methods of replenishment for Mekonomen Wholesale AB in Strängnäs in Sweden, that Mr. Axsäter developed in a joint project that also included Network Logistics AB from Helsingborg.

Over the years, we have continued to develope SOLO and made the system more modern by, among other things, developing more functions and uploading it to the cloud. The cooperation with Lund Institute of Technology continues through Mr. Axsäter’s successor Professor Johan Marklund.

Our Vision

Today, there is a huge waste of resources because too many products are in stock unnecessarily. We know that there is enormous value to be gained by optimizing inventory and purchasing. There are few projects that affect balance and result sheets as much as inventory management. That is why our goal is to help all companies where warehousing and distribution are core business to ensure stock availability with as little inventory and resources as possible.

Vår vision på promosoft
Connecting Dots

What sets us apart from others

Customer-focused - For us, customer service and customer value are very important. We do everything to help our customers achieve their inventory management goals. We do not deliver a system, we deliver a solution where competence is included. No system is better than its users. We take responsibility for the users really utilizing the features of the system.

Experience - We have worked with inventory control and purchasing planning for wholesalers, distributors and retailers since 2001. Our methods are scientific and developed in the best of academies at Lund University. We do nothing else.

Technical platform - SOLO is developed in a new and modern technical environment for web and clouds by our development engineers. It gives the systems great development potential and a very user-friendly and attractive user interface. We develop everything in-house in Gothenburg. When customers want adjustments and changes, we can always meet up and find a solution.

Quick return of investment - Our projects are always profitable. The payback period for an investment is usually less than one year. All our implementations are successful and we only have satisfied customers.

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