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Integrationer till Promosofts SOLO lagerstyrningssystem


Our system works with all business systems on the market. We have ready-made bridges as out -of-the- box integrations with NAV, AX, Dynamics BC & FO, Jeeves ERP, Visma Business, Visma Admin , SAP, Winbas, Pyramid, M3 , Specter and several others. Use our bridges without worries and feel the confidence of full automation in the integration.

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SOLO is installed as an add -on to the customer's existing ERP. The business system is normally the master for all data and data maintenance is only done in one place. Purchase orders and changes in orders are automatically updated to the ERP.

Connecting Dots

Everything required

For Inventory Control, all that is required is that the customer's ERP can leave either files with data or a web API where we retrieve the data that is needed. File transfer uses XML files or plain text files.

Complicated and alien terms? Do not worry, we take care of the entire integration for you. Let's tell you more in a call.

integration till lagerstyrningssystem SOLO
Integrera ERP affärssystem till SOLO lagerhantering

Everything is managed directly in your ERP

All data maintenance is handled in the ERP, which means that there is no double maintenance. Of course, there are some parameters in our solutions that must be maintained in SOLO, but there will never be duplication.

Enkel integration till SOLO Promosoft

We retrieve and send data automatically

Common information that is often imported from the business system to SOLO is sales history, products, suppliers, balances, deliveries, customer information, campaign information and currencies. In addition to these, there is also other information that can be used when needed.

Seamless integration with all ERP:s

We have created SOLO in a way that makes it easy to integrate into all ERP:s on the market. This means that you do not need to replace your existing systems to be able to start using SOLO Purchasing Planning and Inventory Control systems.

We have ready-made bridges for the most common ERP:s on the market. All of them are to be installed quickly and easily at a fixed price.

Plug-n-play installation

It should not be a difficult process to make inventory control easier

We strongly believe that an easy and fast integration into your existing ERP is of the highest priority. Your existing workflow should not be affected by an integration with SOLO, rather the opposite. Our ambition is to make you feel that you have better control over your inventory from day one.

Are you ready to take control of your stock with SOLO?

Diskussion kring SOLO lagerhanteringssystem
Nils VD/CEO på Promosoft

Questions are best answered in person

We would like to make it easy for you to switch to using SOLO for your inventory management and your purchases. We do this most easily by telling about SOLO's benefits in person. By booking a meeting with us, you are one step closer to a more controlled warehouse.

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