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We have strengthened the marketing with an E-commerce Manager

2022 has been an intense year for Promosoft. We have received a number of new customers who have chosen to cooperate with us in order to digitize and automate their purchasing processes with SOLO. At the beginning of the summer, we moved to new premises on Östra Hamngatan in Gothenburg, and the autumn has kicked off with two new recruitments.

In India, we have our new developer Karthik Lekkala, who we hope will soon be on site with us in Gothenburg, and we have strengthened the marketing with Olivia Groeger as sales and marketing assistant. We return to a presentation of Karthik and will get to know Olivia a little better here.

Olivia likes when there is pace and she has also managed a lot in recent years. Among other things, she has worked as a store salesperson, helped start a company focused on the sale of padel racks with accessories, and for two years she trained as an E-commerce Manager at IHM Business School.

What does an E-commerce Manager do?

"The training is broad and you get a cross-functional role and competence in e-commerce, digital commerce, marketing, analysis and project management. You learn to manage processes in e-commerce logistics, systems and platforms in e-commerce, plan and implement sales activities, digital marketing and business acumen where digital transformation is an obvious part. Many parts of the training are of great use to me in my new job here at Promosoft," says Olivia.

What will your role be at Promosoft?

"I am employed as a sales and marketing assistant and, as an inside salesperson, I will be a resource in the sales work, and I will also take responsibility for part of the digital marketing. Over time, the role can probably be broadened, but first I have to warm up in the clothes and build up knowledge of SOLO, the market and the company's customers. It's an exciting and fun sales challenge, and I enjoy challenges.”

What made you apply for the job?

"I saw an ad on LinkedIn, read about the company and then got to visit. I got a good feeling about the management and everyone I met in the office. The fact that PromoSoft is doing well and that the company is operating in an exciting field with a solution that is in demand also made me decide quickly. The role I've been given and PromSoft's direction feel just right for me!".

What do you do in your spare time?

"I'm probably a real training geek. There will be many hours at the gym, running and long walks. I also manage to do some yoga and I enjoy baking. Spending time with loved ones is also important to me!”

Welcome to us at PromoSoft Olivia!

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