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"Through Business Reviews, we learn all the timemore about what we can do with SOLO”

Better forecast management. Higher profitability. Reduced capital tie-up. Correct stock levels. Increased sales. A sharp customer service. Automation of time-consuming manual purchasing routines. The list of business benefits that can be achieved by digitizing purchasing processes and inventory management with Promosoft's system SOLO can be long. All our customers aim to optimize the business benefit and make SOLO a truly profitable investment. To be able to do that, two things are required. That you make use of all the system's possibilities, and that our customers have skilled users.

One of our most important goals is to just keep it that way and therefore regular Business Reviews are included in our total offer. Business Reviews are the key to us achieving customer success together. Elisabeth Larsen has been Project & Customer Success Manager at Promosoft since last autumn. She was previously Project Manager/Consultant and she sees the broader role with a focus on Business Review and Customer Success as an exciting and fun challenge.

- SOLO is a complete system with lots of functions and finesse. Properly utilized, the system delivers a massive business benefit. My goal is for customers to really use SOLO optimally and it can be a journey within one to get there. With regular Business Reviews, we can work proactively, drive and provide support that ensures that our customers become good users. It's very fun to see how the business benefits grow as the customers learn more and really utilize the system's possibilities, says Elisabeth.

Customized briefings

Business Reviews are carried out as customer-tailored briefings over a few hours. Depending on the customer's needs, this may involve setting parameters, forecast management, seasonal planning, requests for in-depth training and much more.

Elisabeth's ambition is also to add knowledge that makes users go deeper into SOLO's possibilities.

- A Business Review is often a combination of concrete questions and proposals that can lead to effective system utilization. For me, it's an interesting challenge to really understand the customer's situation and needs, and then make suggestions on how to use features that may not have been thought of.

"We would not have passed the sales search without SOLO"

One of Promosoft's customers who see great value in Business Reviews, and SOLO as a system, is ATV Huset in Mölndal. With the slogan "Your online quad store", the company offers a huge range of spare parts and accessories for quads and UTVs. ATV-Huset started in 2003 and the business has gradually expanded to also include trailer spare parts, mopeds and scooters. There are more than 12,000 articles posted on the company's various webshops, of which around 8,000 are on the ATV side. To that must be added quantities of accessories.

ATV Huset has increased sales significantly in recent years. For many years, the company has worked with a fairly basic purchasing system as part of the business system. The strong sales search actualized the need for a better system support for purchasing and inventory control. In 2021, ATV Huset chose to invest in SOLO and the system was put into operation at the beginning of 2022. Robin Teivens is E-commerce manager at ATV Huset.

- The rapid growth made it absolutely necessary to have better system support. We wanted to make longer forecasts, manage purchases more efficiently and get the right products in the right quantity at the right time. With an ever-growing product range, it was also important to get the purchasing process in order and for it to move away from the previous manual routines. Now much has been automated and we would never have managed the sales search without SOLO. We save a lot of time and manage the expansion without having to hire more people in the warehouse and the purchasing department, says Robin.

Want to use the system optimally

Robin tells us that today people fully trust the suggestions that SOLO produces automatically. He expresses it as having "dare to let go of control", but also that the ambition is to constantly become a better user. To learn more and more about what is important and possible based on the company's operations and objectives.

- SOLO is a large and advanced system that offers a lot of possibilities and functions. Even though we've come a long way, it feels like we've only scratched the surface. That's why we constantly want to learn more and dig deeper into the system to make optimal use of it. Business Reviews helps us do that and the support we get from Elisabeth is important. Together we go through the questions we have prepared, but Elisabeth has also pointed out possibilities we were not aware of. She understands our needs in a good way and that means that we place extra value on the Business Reviews we have together, concludes Robin Teivens.

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