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Automation is the key to ensuring procurement strategies with profitable growth as a goal

In many companies where storage and distribution form the core business, market and societal developments in recent years have actualized the need to develop and set new goals for purchasing operations. When companies grapple with problems such as increasingly rapid demand variations, uncertain future forecasts, unwanted inventory build-up, capital tied up and difficulties in achieving profitability despite growth, purchasing operations come under scrutiny.

In many companies, major changes are also underway in purchasing-related matters. More and more business leaders have opened their eyes to the connection between purchasing activities and the companies' net results. "That's why the buyer is the fastest way to increased profitability" was the title of an article. The article's message is that if the purchasing work is done correctly, it produces quick results, and together with a well-functioning sales department, it is the recipe for long-term and profitable growth.

A review of current procedures is required

But what does it then mean to "do the purchasing work right"? One conclusion is that companies that want to develop their purchasing processes need to set new goals for purchasing operations. Often, a review of current routines and the support the buyers have in their daily work is required. When a more profitable procurement strategy takes shape, it often means that a company has to take a big step; from cumbersome manual and person-dependent routines to streamlined processes through automation and digitization.

Automation with a system like SOLO often becomes a prerequisite when the goal is to ensure a purchasing strategy that provides effective purchasing control and an opportunity for buyers to work more strategically. Promosoft can participate in the work with a review to clarify areas for improvement in purchasing and inventory management, and also the positive effects of automation.

A Business Review puts its finger on the most important issues

How can we improve our forecasts to cope with the strong demand variations? How do we optimize inventory levels and reduce tied up capital? Why do we so often miss the items where demand is greatest? We want to raise the level of customer service, but how? Why do our buyers make different decisions that are often based on gut feeling?

When a new purchasing strategy is to take shape, many areas need to be reviewed and important questions answered. It is the first step towards ensuring an effective purchasing strategy through automation. Promosoft can participate in that work through a Business Review. In a dialogue with us, you can raise the questions you have, and we can show how SOLO, by streamlining and automating, can contribute to profitable growth!

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