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"A better overview of the warehouse, and great time savings have been the result of working in SOLO"





Car parts


500 MSEK/year


ca 200

Global spare parts and logistics company with roots in the automotive industry, aftermarket and spare parts since 1947

The company name Orio AB was formed in 2013, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB

Head office in Nyköping and branch office in Trollhättan. Subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and England


Orio liefert weltweit Ersatzteile für Saab Pkw mit Lieferungen innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Vor kurzem wurde das Geschäft um 3PL-Operationen erweitert, einschließlich Lagerhaltung und Verteilung von Kundenaufträgen.

Als das Unternehmen seine Geschäftstätigkeit ausweitete, gab es Anlass, bestehende Systeme zu überprüfen. Das bestehende Planungssystem war zu weit fortgeschritten und wies gleichzeitig Mängel auf. Nun brauchten sie unter anderem die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Bestände innerhalb des Konzerns und für das 3PL-Geschäft zu halten – Funktionen, die fehlten.

Im Zusammenhang mit einer Logistik- & Transportmesse wurde eine Zusammenarbeit mit PromoSoft initiiert.


It soon turned out that PromoSoft had the solution that Orio was looking for. "We needed a system that could keep the different warehouses separate for Orio and new 3PL customers," says Mari Andersson, who works as a buyer / planner.

Joakim Bergman, also a buyer / planner as well as key user and claimant against SOLO / PromoSoft, further explains that Orio uses SOLO to replenish stocks in Germany and England.



Since SOLO was implemented, it has become easier and smoother to handle stock replenishment for the warehouses in Germany and England. Previously, a lot of manual work was required for this process. Large parts have now been automated, which has resulted in significant time savings.

Today, all articles become unique when they are registered in SOLO. The same article number could appear on different articles, which led to confusion and a lot of manual work.

"We do not have to worry about that anymore," says Mari.

In his role as a demand setter towards PromoSoft, Joakim emphasizes the importance of good cooperation / contact and dialogue. He also sees great advantages in PromoSoft being a Swedish company, as all support / training takes place in Swedish.

The stock replenishment at Orio is today much smoother than before. The system presents a picture of what is to be sent, and the proposal is easily accepted at the touch of a button. A better overview of the warehouse, and large time savings have been the result of working in SOLO.

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