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Lär Känna Oss
Rajani Lekkala på Promosoft

Rajani Lekkala
– Software Developer

Lekkala Motherboard

"It's fun because I'm learning and developing at the same time."

What did you do before joining Promosoft?

I took my Master of Computer Applications (MCA) in 2009 and then worked as a .NET developer in my home country India for 4 years. After I came to Sweden, there was a long break with marriage and family life before I started at the IT University in 2019 to further my education in software development and testing. It was then an internship at Malm Inc and then at Volvo Cars as a .Net developer where I had an excellent opportunity to develop a project from scratch. After another internship, I then got a job opportunity at Promosoft.

What got you started on Promosoft?

When I started looking for a job after education and internship, I was in quite a few interviews. When I visited Promosoft, I became interested when I learned more about their work and solutions in inventory and purchasing management. I saw an exciting opportunity to work in different areas where I could both explore my knowledge and improve my skills.

What do you do as a Software Developer, and what do you find interesting about your job?

I develop and test the application based on given requirements, and work with both front-end and back-end development. One thing I really like is that I am faced with many challenges because I work in different areas. That my colleagues are very friendly and supportive gives me positive energy and motivation, and it also makes me dare to be active and take initiative.

What does your workday look like?

I start by looking at JIRA which is our project management tool, and then participate in daily scrum meetings to update our work. In terms of priority, I then choose tasks and start working with them. I go through the requirements and discuss with my colleagues if there is something I am unsure of. I also help them if they need help with their work.

What are the biggest challenges for you?

Right now it is to develop an application with Kendo which is a new tool for me. It's fun because I'm learning and developing at the same time. In my work, I try to use best practice, which is also a big and exciting challenge. I have also been involved in the development of SOLO's web application. It is a very interesting project with inventory control, forecasting and integrations. For me, it has been a challenge as I am very new to developing this type of application.

What do you think is the best thing about Promosoft?

That I discovered many interesting things I had no idea about before. Two examples are Inventory Control Management and the SOLO application. The company also gives us good opportunities to explore our knowledge and really supports learning in areas we are interested in.

Why do you think you should work at Promosoft?

Here you really get the opportunity to work in different areas such as front-end and back-end development, integration development and testing. It is a good environment for those who want to work broadly to improve their skills.

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