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Anders Waller på Promosoft

Anders Waller
– System Developer

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"It's fun to create, and to know that what I do did not exist before."

What did you do before joining Promosoft ?

Most recently, I came from Volvo IT Group, where I as IT Architect worked for almost four years with system architecture and to some extent system development. The focus was on an application ( TechTool ) that is used to update software and parameters for truck control units, as well as calibration of various parameters. My work was very much about different integrations between systems and vehicle communication. The application is developed with the help of three international teams in Europe, Brazil and India and is used in workshops around the world. Prior to that, I worked as a developer in Healthcare, and have also created software for laser measurement systems.

What got you started on Promosoft ?

It seemed like an exciting workplace and logistics have always fascinated me. I was also attracted to coming to a smaller company with the opportunity to work with different things. In a larger organization, it is easy to end up in a union where not much happens.

What do you do as a System Developer?

I develop and maintain system integrations between Solo and various ERP systems, and also help in other areas when needed. We work agile and a working day's priorities can fluctuate quickly. Suddenly it can be a problem that needs to be solved, and sometimes it can be the presale and the support that need help.

What do you find interesting about your job?

The challenges and the dynamics. It's fun to create, and to know that what I do did not exist before. There is a special joy in it! At Industri-Matematik, there was a consulting business in logistics and the fact that I am now working with logistics solutions again after many years is really fun.

I was involved in developing a new integration into a system we did not support before, Garp. It was instructive and at the same time exciting.

What does your workday look like?

I enter the office, start up my laptop and look through the results of the night's imports from the various customer systems. We have centralized log management, and can see if there is a problem on the road long before customers discover it. In this way, we can be proactive and thus keep our customers happy. Then it's time for Daily Scrum to then take on the next issue in our case system, for example the expansion of an existing integration with some new fields, including associated business logic. In the afternoon, a short customer meeting for reconciliation around the new fields, to then end the day by testing the changes.

What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge is we have so much going on. It happens an incredible amount with us, and it is really important to focus, plan and structure in a sensible way to get what needs to be done.

Why do you think you should work at Promosoft ?

The variation! It is an exciting company where a lot happens. It is also a nice workplace with very good colleagues, and there are many fun challenges to solve.

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