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Gör karrirär på Promosoft med SOLO


We are a sharp niche company in inventory control and purchasing optimization. Together with our customers and Lund University, we have developed the SOLO system, which over the past ten years has digitized and automated inventory management and the purchasing process at more than a hundred trading companies in the Nordic region. With SOLO, our customers avoid person-dependent purchases. You get better control, speed up routines, get more accurate forecasts, reduce capital tied up through optimized inventory availability, improve customer service and increase sales.

Work with a system that is constantly developing

SOLO is a cloud-based system that through out-of-the-box integrations is seamlessly integrated with the most common ERP systems on the market. The system is constantly evolving. One example is that through a collaboration with Chalmers in Gothenburg, we have now integrated AI and Machine Learning into SOLO. PromoSoft is also being developed as a company. We have taken the first steps to approach Germany and the Benelux region, where there are many companies with warehousing and distribution operations.

Kretskortet som gör det möjligt
Bild på teamet Promosoft

The People who work at PromoSoft make us good

PromoSoft currently has around 10 employees and in the long term our team with, among others , system developers, project managers and consultants needs to increase. Here you can get to know some of our employees and read more about what it is like to work with us. It is the people who work at PromoSoft who make us good, and give us success!


Rajani Lekkala

Rajani Lekkala

Software Developer

Rajani joined PromoSoft in the fall of 2021. She earned a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) in India where she also worked as a .NET developer.

Our Job Post

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