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Utilizing digitized inventory management, PromoSoft lets you control your purchases

With SOLO Dashboard, you will have control over your inventory situation, as well as your performance regarding things like customer service and inventory turnover. In addition, you will gain access to every KPI regarding inventory management and purchase planning.

You are able to see key figures for your whole assortment, broken down into different categories of goods, brands or suppliers.

You will have an overview of each and every product in each and every group. Here, for example, is a chart showing the level of service across your whole assortment, both in the present and for periods in the past.

With just one click, you can see just how good you are at servicing this particular assortment, and how much inventory you really need.

You are also able see how much you can reduce your inventory within a period of one or two years, if you retain your current management parameters.

Do you want to make your own special inventory reports, tailored exactly to your needs? Then we'll figure that out as well.

Let SOLO keep track of your inventory.

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