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In three months, Schenker reduced the inventory value by 10 million. At the same time, customer service was sharpened.

How was Schenker Dedicated Services AB able to reduce the inventory value by 10 million in just 3 months, increase delivery reliability to over 99% and, through automation, free up a lot of time for the buyers?

Book a call or a team meeting and we'll tell you how!

Our advantage

A little better than everyone else

Our customers are companies whose core business is warehousing and distribution. With the SOLO system, over ten years we have helped far more than 100 companies to automate purchasing processes and inventory management. SOLO optimizes inventory levels, reduces capital tied up, improves
customer service and manage demand variations.

Book a call or a team meeting and we can talk about it many more benefits!

Solves your daily problems

Do you struggle with problems such as excessive inventory values, time-consuming manual Excel routines, person-dependent purchases, difficulties in making demand forecasts and deficiencies in customer service when important goods are missing from the warehouse shelves? Are you looking for a solution to the problems but are unsure how to proceed?

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of our system SOLO. Book a call or a team meeting today!

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