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” WE wanted perfect optimization and capital tied up” – Ylva Thuresson Purchasing Logistician





Healthcare products





Leading supplier in Home Distribution Health Care

Delivers to patients who need consumables directly to the home

1300 items in the stock range

Formerly dependent on Excel

Uses Dynamics NAV as a business system


Schenker Dedicated Services (SDS), department HDHC (Home Distribution Health Care) in charge of purchasing, inventory control and distribution of consumption aids to homes.
Previously, another system was used to perform the work, and the help of lists in excel sheet was taken .
"Our previous system had fixed order points and it lacked graphs, optimization functions and good purchasing functions ," says Ylva Thuresson, who works as a purchasing logistician at Schenker Dedicated Services. When we sent purchase orders, it was done through excel, and the system did not take into account historical values. All this together, made the job extremely time consuming. ”
Schenker wanted perfect optimization and capital tied up, and to succeed they needed to change systems.
The company had implemented SOLO a few years earlier, but used only a small part of the system. This meant that far from its full potential was realized.


With the help of PromoSoft , an upgrade was made to the existing SOLO installation. Information was transferred from the old system and SDS was helped to set parameters, classify articles, build steering groups and set key figures.
“We also received help to enter information into the system so that it can calculate optimization points for us. All statistics are then displayed in a dashboard, which makes it very easy to understand, ”says Ylva.
The staff received training in the system, and then they were ready to run SOLO fully with all the features it offers.



The results were not long in coming. In just a few months, SDS had reduced its inventory value by ten million - and still had a stock availability of over 99%.
“It became clear to us that we previously had had the wrong stuff on the shelf. Now we got total control of the inventory regarding obsolete items, excess stock, capital tied up and the stock turnover rate. ”
In addition to the benefits of gaining control of the warehouse, SOLO saves a lot of time for Ylva and her colleagues.
“Now the system calculates a purchase proposal for us, based on both history and current figures. We just need to skim through the proposal. No more double-checking is needed. I would appreciate that we have won half a working day per purchase order, so the time savings are huge! To top it all off, PromoSoft is both professional and responsive to our needs. Theye are always quick to help if we have any questions. We appreciate that a lot. ”

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